Julian HardakerCris built our current house for us in 2010. Having heard many horror stories of people’s experiences building their house, we entered into this project with some trepidation. As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about.

From the very beginning, and right through the process, Cris was clear and honest in his communication with us. He helped us understand what was in store and was a great source of ideas when it came to the multitude of choices that are part of the process.

Cris is a craftsman who really builds your house, not a manager who just lines up the subcontractors and is rarely seen. He was tough on the subs if he was not happy with the quality of their work and always made sure everything was done right. I was tempted initially to go with a general building contractor who talked about building for a lot less but am so glad I was not deceived by the lure of false savings. Thanks to his organization in lining up the subs, our house was finished in just under 6 months.

During the process, as we got to know Cris, he became a good friend. After completing the house, Cris did not hesitate to come back with some minor details that needed finishing. I would recommend Cris without reservation to anyone looking to build their house.